Point of view of Pr Ahmed Azirar (AMEEN / IMIS)

All actors have just to look straight realities: MSME’s yet are the norm in MENA region (99.6% in Morocco. More than 80% in average). They’re the main employer, the innovator and the most opened on the world.
State can do à lot for economic growth driven by MSME’S, if helped by great firms. The positive and synergic macro.meso.micro chain has to be linked.

3 main areas have to be adressed in priority, because, as every one knows, natural resources will not last definitly. Qualified and educated to entrepreneurship Human resources ,yes, will Last and make great growth countries :
   1. Entrepreneurship. It’s the duty of Education system, social culture and Government policies. All the society is responsable as a whole, beginning by families and going to civil society, and finishing in Government offices.
   2. Linked to the first area, Informal sector is done to grow not to be fired. It’s the seed of liberal and dynamic economy based on entrepreneurship and innovation. At least, informal creators create threir own job( and other jobs!).
   3. New Governance up the govetnment, with optimal resource allocation, and new management in MSME’S. Digital and A.I are changing the world, they are changing management.

Some well programs exist in MENA. Other bad exist also. Why entrepreneurship programs fail in general?
Money without follow up is à waste.
– closed markets and payments Kill MSMEs.
– Small public programs dissiminate efforts and cost a lot administrativly.
– money without social insurance and equitable fiscal system dont impact well.
– local bureaucraty is à big damage.
– Charity or entrepreneurship? Tradition of amnisty kills entrepreneurship spirit
– No entrepreneurs or bad entrepreneurs; What’s the worst for economy and society?

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